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The biopharmaceutical landscape has changed over recent years and Pfizer has navigated these changes by taking advantage of our size and scale while committing to operate with the agility, speed and focus of an entrepreneurial organisation. By implementing a strategy targeting emerging markets, we are able to create new opportunities for our existing products and carve out pathways for new discoveries. With this strategy in mind, Pfizer offers not only new pathways for medicinal development, but also new pathways for career advancement. As we continue to grow, you continue to grow.



As a recognized leader in global and cultural inclusiveness, Pfizer thrives on hiring candidates from all walks of life and we view the differences in each of us as a vital asset. We adhere to a supportive, communicative environment that allows for discovery and delivery of final, best in class products. Pfizer's success depends on the success of our colleagues and we believe it is our corporate responsibility to provide each individual with access to the best possible professional and personal growth opportunities.

In addition to the training and learning opportunities Pfizer team members experience day-to-day, we offer additional resources through our Career Development Resource Centre and Mentor Match program. These online resources are exclusive to Pfizer and provide our employees with even more ways to reach their full potential.

Because Pfizer is one of the leading global biopharmaceutical companies, we have to ability to offer our colleagues unsurpassed advancement opportunities. Working at Pfizer allows our colleagues access to the most advanced technological resources in the industry and the opportunity to work in rotating assignments, providing direct on-job experience across multiple functional areas. As an industry leader, Pfizer offers the most career advancement opportunities of any biopharmaceutical company - take a look and you will see the possibilities are endless.


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Every colleague, every country, every day - each Pfizer team member is impacting global health.

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