Supportive Environment, Inspired Colleagues

Pfizer colleagues share a common passion for working in intellectually challenging environments. We thrive on solving some of the most intricate scientific puzzles and creating real-life treatment options for some of the most debilitating diseases in the world. We view public health as not only our job, but our fundamental responsibility as scientists. Having access to groundbreaking science, cutting-edge technological resources, as well as working side-by-side with the industry’s leading scientists allow our colleagues to achieve their most important professional as well as personal goals.



Pfizer's commitment to global inclusiveness allows for a culturally rich working environment. Every distinctive background lends itself to a new idea and no idea is too small or too big. We encourage communication and results-driven working styles and are able to offer our colleagues an adaptable environment where they can function at their highest level. Recognizing the importance of cross-functional exposure, we provide our colleagues with the opportunity to participate in rotating assignments so they can gain well-rounded, full-exposure knowledge of the "bench to bedside" process. This means marketing executives have the opportunity to work next to leading scientists and vice versa. We all have a something to learn and something to teach. Pfizer views this type of in-house education as investment in our colleagues with the ultimate goal of better science and improved world-health. As we continue to discover and deliver best medicines and globally recognized brands, you can be sure that your contributions while working at Pfizer have improved the lives of patients around the world.


Career Profiles

Every colleague, every country, every day - each Pfizer team member is impacting global health.

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