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At Pfizer we’re deeply committed to creating an environment where our colleagues can achieve success while contributing to the improved health of the world. We walk in as scientists, managers, as plant workers. We’re senior executives and recent graduates. But no matter where we come from or where we take our careers, we share a common purpose. To make the world a healthier place. As we continue to develop healthcare products and expand our company globally, we are consistently looking for new talent. Right now, we are seeking to fill positions in every area of our business in all areas of the world.

Because we are a global company with resources dedicated to developing a myriad of medicines that span a wide range of health issues, Pfizer’s advanced commercial operating structure is comprised of eight diverse health care businesses:

Primary Care

Primary Care is Pfizer's largest business Unit, operating globally in markets, including the US, Europe, Canada, Korea, and Australia / New Zealand. Pfizer's success relies on a commitment to advancing needed treatments and improving patient care. With a heritage of developing many of the world's life-changing medicines, and our flexible, nimble market approach, Pfizer Primary Care will continue its #1 position in primary care for years to come.

Our structure allows us to be flexible, responsive, and entrepreneurial in the face of market conditions. We are putting customers at the centre of what we do, making decisions at the local level and empowering colleagues to take the lead – all with a single purpose: to reinvent the way we serve physicians and change patients’ lives.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Sales
  • Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Specialty Care

Pfizer's Specialty Care Business Unit features a successful portfolio of market-leading medicines spanning many therapeutic areas and a rich pipeline of promising new products.

We are leaders in vaccines and biologics, two of the most important areas of innovation and growth in the industry, and have a leading presence in other critical specialty disease areas, including infectious disease, inflammation, hemophilia, endocrine care and ophthalmology.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Strategy
  • Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
  • Market Access


Pfizer Oncology is committed to the discovery, investigation and development of innovative treatment options to improve the outlook for cancer patients worldwide. Our strong pipeline, one of the most robust in the industry, is studied with precise focus on identifying and translating the best scientific breakthroughs into clinical application for patients across a wide range of cancers.

Pfizer Oncology has biologics and small molecules in clinical development and more than 100 clinical trials underway. By working collaboratively with academic institutions, individual researchers, cooperative research groups, governments, and licensing partners, Pfizer Oncology strives to cure or control cancer with breakthrough medicines, to deliver the right drug for each patient at the right time.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Market Research
  • Business Development
  • Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
  • Field Operations
  • Market Access
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Emerging Markets

The Emerging Markets Business Unit is devoted to meeting the diverse medical needs, across all disease areas, of patients in Emerging Markets around the world in an innovative, socially responsible and commercially viable manner. By having a singularly focused unit, we are able to move more quickly and with greater flexibility than ever before, yet we still have the power, scale, capabilities, and support of a large organisation.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Market Access
  • Sales (outside US)
  • Clinical Development and Medical Affairs

Established Products

The worldwide off-patent marketplace too often suffers from quality and supply reliability issues, The Established Products Business Unit was created in 2008 to provide underserved patients with affordable medicines characterised by Pfizer's reputation for quality, safety, and innovation.

With its broad established products portfolio of more than 500 branded and generic products, and capabilities in low-cost manufacturing, Pfizer supplies high-quality medicines at affordable prices through its Greenstone LLC and Pfizer lnjectables subsidiaries.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and fast, flexible approach, we are interested in pursuing strong collaborations that help offer differentiation in the marketplace and bring value to both patients and clinicians.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Analytics
  • Business Development
  • Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) is among the largest over-the-counter (OTC) health care products companies in the world, with a global footprint of operations in more than 90 countries. We maintain leadership positions in many markets and sell two of the top 10 global brands (Advil and Centrum).  PCH develops, manufactures and markets leading non-prescription medicines, vitamins and nutritional products. We strive to bring new and better solutions to market that help consumers around the world support their health and enhance personal wellbeing. The division's major categories consist of Pain Management, Dietary Supplements, Respiratory and Personal Care.

Pfizer Medical

The Pfizer Medical business unit strives to speed the pace of biomedical progress in safeguarding the health of those who trust in our products and in enabling the best health outcomes through our information and expertise. We are working to advance human health through the safe, effective, and appropriate use of every Pfizer product, from its first use in a clinical trial until its last use anywhere in the world.

We believe our medicines provide significant value for both healthcare providers and patients, not only from the improved treatment of diseases but also from a reduction in other healthcare costs, such as emergency room or hospitalisation costs, as well as improvements in health, wellness and productivity. We continue to actively engage in dialogues about the value of our products and how we can best work with patients, physicians and payers to prevent and treat disease and improve outcomes.

Pfizer Global Supply

The PGS Vision is – and has always been – the foundation for our success as a global supply organisation.  With the company’s recent acquisition of Wyeth and its shift to a commercial business unit structure, we identified the need to update the Vision in a way that reflects the contemporary environment in which we operate.

Quality is a 24/7 job that begins with "building-in" quality in each of our processes and extends to investing heavily in training, assuring that there are both standard operating procedures and redundant systems in place, and nurturing a culture of quality that takes root throughout the supply network. We fully understand and support the roles of regulators in making certain that quality products are emerging from our factories, and are proud that our facilities and those of our network partners went through nearly 200 "Good Manufacturing Practice" inspections in 2010 without a critical finding.

We believe that providing fast, flexible and innovative supply solutions is entirely compatible with demanding high standards for quality, safety and environmental protection. As we provide a continuous supply of new and newly acquired products, we hold ourselves as well as our supply network accountable to deliver quality products at competitive prices, and make sure that what we offer is always in stock, wherever in the world it is needed.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Quality Operations
  • Manufacturing Operators
  • Scientists
  • Materials Management
  • Operations Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Engineering and Maintenance

Research and Development

At Pfizer, scientific research is the core of our business. We share a common research vision and remain committed to strong partner relationships that continue to break new ground in our understanding of human and animal biology and chemistry. We have completed deals (e.g., research, licenses, material transfers, etc.) with leading organisations worldwide and are committed to collaboration.

Led by world-class scientists, Pfizer's research and development organisation is focused on the following areas of interest:

  • Pain
  • Genitourinary
  • Oncology
  • Allergy and Respiratory
  • Neuroscience
    Among the most devastating disorders of our time, neurologic and psychiatric diseases combine to cause more disability than any other disease area. At Pfizer, we have a deep industry-leading commitment to understanding the origins of brain disorders and to developing innovative medicines that effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, among others. To learn more please visit: www.pfizerneuroscience.com.
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
    Pfizer’s Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Research Unit is dedicated to developing innovative medicines to slow disease progression and improve the quality of patient’s lives with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To learn more please visit: www.pfizercvmed.com
  • Antibacterials
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
  • Molecular and Translational Medicine
  • Antibody Technologies
  • Peptide Technologies
  • Tissue Repair
  • Inflammation and Immunology
  • Vaccines: Prophylactic and Therapeutic
    Vaccine Research develops first-in-class and best-in-class vaccines to protect the public health, and develops therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of disease.

Our combined organisations have the scale, portfolio, talent and capabilities that we believe will unlock new levels of productivity. Drug discovery requires both disease area and technology expertise. While most in the industry are constrained to primarily focus on one of those dimensions, our model has the breadth and depth of Research Units and Biotechnology Units across R&D that frees us to realise the power and possibilities of these combinations to deliver high impact medicines for patients.


Each of these areas is lead by a Pfizer executive who is charged with leading their team through the “bench to bedside” process and, ultimately, achieving real world results. Each area is provided with the resources to pursue attractive growth opportunities and to deliver benefits to all who rely on us around the world.

The business units and divisions that make up our organisation are supported by an internal infrastructure comprised of:

Finance and Business Operations

Finance and Business Operations is part of Pfizer Enabling Functions whose main mission is to enable Pfizer to strive to set the standard for quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacture of medicines for people and animals. Finance and Business Operations is committed to promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion as integral aspects of how we recruit, promote, and conduct our business.

Pfizer's finance organisation is focused on the following areas of interest:

Pfizer’s Finance organisation consists of the following teams:

  • Controller Group
  • Corporate Tax
  • Corporate Audit
  • Treasury
  • Biopharmaceutical Finance
  • Diversified Business Finance
  • Global Research and Development Finance
  • Global Supply Finance
  • Global Financial Solutions

Common core skill sets Pfizer typically looks for in Finance candidates are:

  • Undergraduate and/or Graduate degree with a concentration within Finance and/or Accounting
  • Minimum of 2 years experience working for a Big 4 Accounting Firm (PWC, KPMG, D&T and E&Y)
  • Certified Public Accountant/Certified Internal Systems Auditor

Business Technology
Pfizer’s Business Technology (BT) is a high calibre information technology team that acts as a strategic, full solution business partner.  BT strives to be the best IT organisation in healthcare and is respected as a world leader in delivering business value from high performing information technology solutions.  The Pharmaceutical industry is fast paced and always evolving.  Our BT organisation keeps pace as a trusted business partner understanding business objectives and positioning itself as a thought leader on designing and delivering solutions that support our business.

Global Procurement & Operations

Pfizer’s Global Procurement and Operations was created by combining two organisations:

  • Worldwide Procurement supports all facets of Pfizer’s global spending activity
  • Global Operations provides end-to-end solutions for Pfizer’s commercial and R&D real estate

Our team delivers world-class procurement and global operations capabilities to Pfizer.  We partner with our customers to assure they receive maximum value for every dollar spent with Pfizer suppliers.  We accomplish this by executing effective strategic processes, including category management, supplier management and sourcing projects, all supported by efficient procure to pay processes.   We add value by aligning Pfizer with the best suppliers, promoting continuous improvement in supplier performance and driving compliance with Pfizer’s intellectual property and privacy requirements.   We strive to obtain the right price for the right product or service. Our Procurement/Sourcing professionals, Business Analysts, Facilities & Operations professionals, Portfolio Analysts, Vendor Management Professionals, and Administrative staff operate in locations around the world.

Worldwide Business Development & Innovation

Pfizer’s Worldwide Business Development and Innovation (WBDI) team is central to shaping Pfizer’s future through our mission to intelligently drive Pfizer’s growth objective in novel ways that will deliver greater value for our patients, customers and shareholders.

Our Business Development team is focused on acquiring assets, which further strengthen our core while maximizing the value of non-core assets outside the company. Our Innovation team is developing and refining models for adjacent business opportunities while building a platform of innovation, allowing each member of our organization to collaborate and think innovatively. Together we contribute to Pfizer’s goal of applying science and our global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life.

Business Development is divided into several sub-areas matching Pfizer’s Business Unit structure. Each sub-area conducts search and evaluation for pharmaceutical assets that fit the respective unit’s portfolio needs. Common deal types include acquisitions, divestitures, in-licensing, out-licensing, joint ventures, alliances, co-developments and co-marketing opportunities.


The Legal Division is dedicated to providing responsive, client-centric service that protects and advances Pfizer’s goals. Together with our business colleagues, we help guide the development, testing, marketing and sales of safe, effective medications and consumer health care products.

Some of our other major responsibilities include negotiating key business transactions, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws governing the biopharmaceutical industry, protecting the company’s intellectual property and other assets, supporting day-to-day operations in all markets, resolving disputes and ensuring we conduct our business according to the highest standards of integrity.

Our lawyers, management experts, paralegals, specialists and administrative professionals are located in Pfizer offices around the world. We also work closely with select law firms that belong to the Pfizer Legal Alliance.


The Compliance Division works under the guidance of the Chief Compliance and Risk Officer to ensure adherence to laws, regulations, and Company policies and procedures on a day-to-day basis.

The Compliance Division has exclusive responsibility, on behalf of the Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, for investigating “Referable Compliance Issues” — significant potential, suspected or actual violations of law or policy that pose a risk to the Company, employees, or the public (including the threat of material financial, investor, public relations, environment, health, or safety risks). The Compliance Division may seek help in investigating these matters from other individuals and groups. No investigation may be commenced, however, without the express consent of the Compliance Division.

In addition to investigating matters and promoting compliance with our standards of conduct, the Compliance Division engages in a number of proactive efforts to strengthen Pfizer’s culture of performance with integrity, including the execution of risk assessments, deployment of targeted training, and the delivery of ongoing communications and compliance education initiatives. The Compliance Division also publishes the Blue Book, maintains the Compliance website, responds to the Compliance Helpline, and is generally available as a resource on compliance matters.

Human Resources

Pfizer’s Human Resources division is dedicated to building high-performing global organisations that drive the company’s business results. HR provides an organization and people plan for each division and business unit of the company, along with talent strategies that ensure the best candidates are placed where they will succeed. HR works behind the scenes to make Pfizer a great place to work.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • HR Generalist
  • Compensation
  • Organisational Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Learning and Development

Policy, External Affairs & Communications

Pfizer’s Policy, External Affairs and Communications Division is committed to facilitating and managing Pfizer’s global communications efforts, its interactions with external and internal audiences, and its public affairs activities, including relations with the governments of all nations in which Pfizer has operations or markets products. This division of Pfizer also plays a vital role in shaping the Company’s policy initiatives as well as overseeing the Company’s Corporate Responsibility efforts.

Types of experience for which we typically recruit:

  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • Public affairs
  • Government relations
  • Policy

We hope you’ll explore the opportunities we offer across our organisation and see the many paths that can lead you to a place of personal and professional success.


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