Unique backgrounds, shared passion.

We believe that, collectively, our individual experiences allow us to better meet the needs of our patients and further our work to make the world a healthier place. Pfizer celebrates the array of unique qualities, perspectives and life experiences, which define us as individuals. This includes our visible differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, physical appearance, as well as other characteristics including work styles, sexual orientation, religious or national identity and education.

These traits create a vibrant community and a supportive culture that allows our people, regardless of where they work in the world, to feel valued, involved, supported and respected. And while we celebrate the differences that create the mosaic culture of Pfizer, it is diversity of thought that we value most.

Behind every Pfizer product and programme lies an idea that was given the freedom to flourish and a team that challenged conventional ways of thinking to develop something truly innovative. The success of our organisation relies on the kind of creative thinking that can only result from a diverse team of individuals, uninhibited to share, create and inspire each other toward the next great idea.

Armed Services

We are honoured to work alongside veterans of the armed services and believe that these brave individuals bring tremendous value to our organisation through their dedication and commitment to our goal of bringing better health to the world.

Employees with Disabilities

We work to provide qualified individuals with disabilities, including disabled veterans, the same career opportunities as any other prospective Pfizer colleague. We believe that physical and mental limitations shouldn’t hinder the best and brightest from making a difference in our organisation.

LGBT Equality

Pfizer has consistently been recognised as one of the best places to work for LGBT equality by the Corporate Equality Index, the leading U.S. survey that assesses businesses on their treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, investors and consumers, since the Index was launched in 2002. Our 2011 recognition marks the eighth consecutive year that Pfizer has achieved the highest possible rating.


Ongoing Initiatives and Recent Recognition

Pfizer Colleague Resource Groups

Our colleagues join together to organise Pfizer Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) to provide a positive forum for professional development. By embracing diversity of thought and experience, our CRGs help drive innovation and build on our success.

The Gender Equality Project

In January 2011, Pfizer and seven other global organisations played a key sponsorship role in the launch of a The Gender Equality Project, a new global certification assessment methodology for gender equality in the workplace.

Top Diversity Council

For the second consecutive year, the Association of Diversity Councils named the U.S-based Diversity & Inclusion council of Pfizer’s Animal Health division one of the Top 25 diversity councils in the United States.

Pfizer Korea and Gender Equality

In April 2011, Pfizer Korea received the Presidential Award for Gender Equality from the Ministry of Employment and Labour and was also recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for gender equality.


For a full listing of our accolades and awards, click here.


Career Profiles

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